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14. November 2008 / Bernhard

Everything is Quite Alright

Still no electricity at the darkroom – last rolls shot with the Toy Camera.

I was sick for most of the day, my mind is blank so expect my commentary reaching an all time top on boringness.

Fuji Neopan1600

Late night shopping at some Shell gasoline.

Heading to a book presentation – always ready for some serious business 5tR33T photography.

A book about Austrian photographer. Exciting.

Mr. Adorable

“Heading to a date.”

Fall and Vienna


Busennacht bei Wetten Schaß

Having cheap Sushi for a change.

Kodak 125PX

OK. This photo is boring.

Waiting for the subway.

Renting a flat exclusively to a female student. Should try the same.

Nikon, Canon and Sony did a workshop for Mediamarkt/Saturn salesmen at Schönbrunn. Explaining cameras to guys that have no clue about photography is an intense experience.

And all of a sudden young boys turned into a bunch of Homo Photographicus.

Weird, crying kid. Schönbrunng, Vienna 2008

Zoos are exciting.

Inside out.

I think the question who’s on which side of the cage is legitimate here.

I like the calmness. Perhaps, it’s just a desparete effort justifying this photograph.

So that’s it. Vienna Vienna and even more Vienna. Days are getting shorter and shorter here. Stayed most of the time in bed and without my watch it’d be impossible to tell what time it is. The day melted nicely.

Off to bed.



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  1. Sebastian / Nov 14 2008 03:14

    na weißt eh, dass mr. adorable mit verlinkt werden sollte E? HA?

  2. sev / Nov 14 2008 22:41

    also in schönbrunn wäre ich gerne dabei gewesen. das nächste mal sag mir vorher bescheid, da haben wir unseren spaß ;) alleine ist sowas nich lustig sondern nur traurig..

    sitz gerade im schönen amsterdamer casino.. wo alle varianten von spielmaschinen um mich herum wilde extravagante töne von sich geben und warte bis der final table ausgespielt wird… oder geh nen kiffen..

  3. Simon / Nov 15 2008 20:44

    very nice “noir” (sorry for that stupid arty term) stuff at the beginning, very classy things at the mid-section ( and people who make one feel more comfortable with oneself in the end.

    nice entry!

  4. Nikkr / Nov 15 2008 23:54

    hey, i really liked these photos. I know it sounds vague, but I don’t want to dissect into why I particularly liked some pcitures. I did :)

  5. kipkeston / Nov 15 2008 23:56


  6. suzage / Nov 22 2008 13:35

    I like!

  7. Artis / Nov 30 2008 18:45

    among many others, I dig the last frame.

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