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25. November 2008 / Bernhard

Vienna Art Week

Last Friday, I was covering  the Vienna Art Week (big thanks to Nick). Some impressions:

First stop: Mumok (Museum of Modern Art)

Next: Open space something – meeting at the main library.

Visiting artists in their studio.
Making art is serious business.

Waiting for the bus – killing time.

Panel discussions.

Some 25,000.00 Euro book award.

In the evening, I had the questionable honor to take picture of yet another panel discussion. Just that his one was a bit more “spicy”.

I’m afraid this was part of the installation too.

And it started.

I think we both were somewhat irritated.

Adding that nice layer of drama.

“About that size…”

I really have no clue.

Everything here was quite avantgarde.

3 Nudes and a bunch of excellent art appreciator.

They were talking about art schools. One guy mentioned that Austrian art schools are doing quite well compared to others in Europe. Excellent.

I think that’s it.



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  1. Sebastian / Nov 25 2008 14:50

    Ich packs ncoh immer ned!!!111!!!

  2. reas / Nov 25 2008 15:29

    oh my…

  3. Linus / Nov 25 2008 17:58

    die feld72 sind ganz kuhle leut find ich… der VAW_14.jpg unterrichtet eh an der tu.

    ist das: VAW_13.jpg der fette dachboden ecke linke wienzeile/ die gasse zum apollo rauf. da sieht man von der straße nachts immer die riesen bücherwand hell beleuchtet.

    aja die nockadn find ich gail!

  4. James / Nov 25 2008 18:44

    I love this room:

    I also love how ‘clean’/’clear’ your exposures feel. That’s not just because of the arty white spaces.

    Like this is really clean. Lovely stuff. Was this all in one building/complex or was it across the city?

  5. Simon / Nov 25 2008 20:44

    wahahaha :D

    “art” …

  6. Klaus / Nov 26 2008 00:35


    interessanter kontrast, mit dem adamsapfel und dem hintergrund

  7. jo / Nov 26 2008 19:05

    ich muss zugeben, manchmal bewirkt kunst bei mir angstzustände.

  8. sev / Nov 26 2008 20:33

    zum glück studier ich kunst !

  9. ana / Nov 27 2008 09:38

    hahaha loved this entry. interesting art panel. lol

  10. ez / Nov 28 2008 23:57

    where’s the taste?

  11. charlotte / Nov 29 2008 18:41

    dA “art” looks so much nicer now.

  12. Artis / Nov 30 2008 21:25

    liked this mottif

    and for the rest – as you say – ‘oh well..’

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