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2. December 2008 / Bernhard

Eine Ode an den Hoond

Business as usual – Kodak Tri-X 400 in XTOL. And yes, it’s still Vienna. Still boring 5Tr33T and candid portraits. All good.

Des Reisen ist des Hoondes Lust.

Now that I’m putting together my series about people reading on public transport for a show in MOMA, I though I could focus on people talking on the phone on public transport.

Wait, one more can’t do any harm. Guess it’d look neat on that book cover.

Schönbrunz again.

Quite a few homo photographicus were engaged in serious hunting business.

This photograph features everything photography can possibly be about.

Happy animals watching happy animals.

Descheissive details.

Fat boy doing his thing.


Oh, what a joy! There’s nothing like getting soaked up in water that smells like shit and most likely doesn’t taste any better. Give those boys white shirts – we’re in Austria.

Happy people.

More happy people.

I was very very BERY fond of him because he really took advantage of his 10 fps camera. Also, he had that Rambo style of operating his camera – resting the lens gently on his hands with that clear and straight look on his next victim.


The spot looked like bird shit… but I’m wondering how it got there?

Sunny sunday.

I don’t need straight lines.

Again. But this shot is about father and son.


And then I sat on that something and enjoyed the incredible view.

Enjoying some excellent junk food.

Concert at B72

Tri-X – not too bad. f/2, 1/8 – as far as I remember.

Har! Turned out better than I expected. BTW, this is This Will Destroy You.

In the park – thirsty.

“Ich bin ein Indianer.”

Light, textures and stuff I think.

And a kid for a change.

Some lady applying make up on the bus. Excellent.

Not sure if he’s travelling at the speed of light or beer.

We both were waiting and hence irritated that we ignored the train. Interesting.


Oh right, we entered the “I’m ignoring you” phase.

Can’t decide which one I like more so I post both. I could – of course – make a dyptich and add some kind of storytelling element. Could.


Last photo brings me to another special event – Hoonds get older and hence say “Hoond” to the Hoond himself alias Sebastian. Happy birthday.




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  1. Sebastian / Dec 2 2008 03:59

    Mann .. dankeschön :$ Können die Leute auf meiner vollgespammten About-Page was schreiben hih( der is ur hübsch gworden mann :( .. ur freigstellt und so. surreal. sogar von hint is er so schön beleuchtet. is da vielleicht so ein kind mit fliegen um die augen und einem sb900 gstanden? ^^; hih(

    mann bis später mann $:

  2. Rick Yribe / Dec 2 2008 06:23

    I’m jealous that you got to see This Will Destroy You.

    The photo you got of them is very nice. How’d they sound?

  3. Linus / Dec 2 2008 12:07

    oh män, 13798.jpg mikula schmikula

  4. sev / Dec 2 2008 17:50


    the elite of vienniese wildlife photographers

    im bus schminken ist im iran glaub ich verboten ?

  5. Klaus / Dec 2 2008 23:52

    13730.jpg Purer Killerinstinkt
    13811.jpg Situation stell ich mir lustig vor

  6. petebarker / Dec 3 2008 07:41

    Your life looks fun.

  7. Sebastian / Dec 3 2008 13:06
  8. Artis / Dec 5 2008 22:55

    ah, teh last one. and. excellent.

  9. too important for names / Dec 8 2008 18:58

    bravo old dear important friend

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