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16. December 2008 / Bernhard

We’re No Here

Hello! Suppose you’re all very seriously busy with fantastic christmasshopping. I am not. And I won’t. Because I think Christmas is about baby Jesus. And God. And three weird old guys who’re high enough to follow some star.

So, uhm, for photos: This is Kodak 400TX in XTOL.

The little ones doing faces. Fantastic.

At some point, Nice Lady and I had the terrific idea to play some badminton.

Funny as ever.

If  I could, I’d ride the tram all day long when the sun is shining.



I love happy faces.

And I love reading people.

I dislike hairdresser.

Serious lady business.

I’m a big fan of Cosmopolitan. I always thought that guys are the ones who’re sexaddicted. Guess I’m wrong.


Wiener Würstels.

Excellent. Too retarded for getting the coat out of way.

It’s all about glasses.

And reading people.

And even more. Hell, getting boring.

End of message.

Thanks for watching. Buy me presents.



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  1. Linus / Dec 16 2008 23:21

    du bekommst keine geschenke weil du athesterist bist :(

  2. Suzan / Dec 18 2008 19:47

    Such dedication… even shooting when the other is serving during badminton!
    I like these a lot:


  3. Eva / Dec 18 2008 22:41

    If I could, I’d ride the tram all day long when the sun is shining.
    ==> Me too! ^_^

    I actually really like the frame with the woman’s shadow, too bad your coat is in the frame. It’s quite ok though, I still like it as it is. :)

  4. marius / Dec 19 2008 21:59

    kerkes is one hot stud

  5. sev / Dec 23 2008 21:41

    13844.jpg > das war mal mein ghetto alter !

    13840.jpg > find ich cute

    13822.jpg > find ich gut. einmal wachturm gefällig ?

    13851.jpg > no comment !

    13875.jpg > wo war da die kamera ?

    13886.jpg > LOL wien..

  6. C. M. Tisdale / Dec 24 2008 01:59

    I’ve been wanting to try a Leica for years. Too bad my grandfather gave back the one the Army gave him . . .


  7. Artis / Dec 26 2008 16:12

    you even play badminton with a camera hanging around your neck!
    looks like could be the same person and but most likely is not. hot. vivid red lipstick would make it even hotter.

    good photos here in this entry, btw!
    and 1st paragraph = :+fav:

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