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29. December 2008 / Bernhard


Hello! Sometimes, I’m going out and have a bit of that glass of water. I like that glass of water. Following photographs are mainly taken under the influence of that Glass of Water. Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: No 5Tr33T. No Tri-X. 3 rolls of APX100 were harmed producing this blog entry.

Taken by the Hoond. Happy happy blues.

Flying Hirsch – the perhaps most disgusting shit out there.

Raw emotions.

Quiz night!

Serious business. (ju

Linus’ happy face.

Linus’ happy face got even breiter.

Killing retinas. Ace!

Progressive. Avantgarde. Wildschweim.

Some tuning.

Maleness hurts.



I’m feeling wanted.


Tilting photos by 45° makes them more spontanious.

Stefan vs Vodka.

Aschi – dedicated, sophisticated.

Tell us more about Wutschiland.




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  1. r4 / Dec 29 2008 18:17

    either this is the long awaited beer-soaked-roll or i missed a party… but i think i remember the wildschweim and the shiniest of all golden horseman.
    cheers.. retinamolesting torsohunter !

  2. Sebastian / Dec 29 2008 18:36

    Mann he natuerlich is das Foto von mir was komisch ausschaun tut :( .. auf welche Entfernung hab ich da geblitzt? > 3 m? Mann :(

    Und Fokus beim 35/2 geht schon teilweise etwas schwerer .. kommt mir halt so vor, dass man beim drehen ueber 1 m richtung unendlich etwas langsamer wird. nicht, dass es stoeren wuerde. beim zurueck drehen scheints ez. oder i hab mas grad einbildt.

    gruss vom rentier mann!

  3. Eva / Dec 30 2008 20:34

    “Filed in: drunktards”
    Enough said.

  4. Linus / Jan 5 2009 14:57

    wohwooweewahh :|

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