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30. December 2008 / Bernhard


Finally, almost made it. Thank you, gravity. Thank you for giving me yet another year. And also thanks to Obama and Werner Faymann. And to everyone else who made this possible. This is yet another cute blog entry that features even more fantastic and incredible photographs taken by me. I think.

I think I’ll try posting more often so entries aren’t too long and hence even more boring. And I also think that I’ve said this a couple of times before. <3

This is still “This Will Destroy You”. Taken in November I think.

The rewinding noise of the Mju is like a porn soundtrack.

Volkstheater, Subway.

American Junk Food

Happy lady. That’s a table shot because hip shots are quite yesterday.

Thank you, Vienna. Could be part of Severin‘s series.

Look deep… very deep in that Viennese face and you might see yourself.

I can’t decide what I prefer – motion or a finger

This is Austria: Hansi Hinternseher, Nockalmquintett and the Kastelrutherspatzen. I highly recommend some googling.

Ha, weird angle and AUSTRA CONTEMPORAY – great success.

Also, very contemporary and photojournalistc despite the missing ad.

I like riding the subway.

University. Just realize that I haven’t been there for two months. Great.

Finger and plastic bag. Vienna, 2008

Smile – from the bottom of your heart.

Excellent example that I’m too mentally challenged to get the camera straight. Oh, wait: Her head’s bend – now it makes sense. It’s all a matter of interpretation.

At the bar. Late.

Ende? Going to another bar. Morgenstern – which was closed.

But there’re keys that can unlock doors.


If you look closely you can see Mogwai performing.

Have a good one and all.



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  1. Sebastian / Dec 31 2008 00:51

    ich hätt auch finger gsagt wg. der referenz. und hintergrund bemerkt niemand, das is nett als zusatz vielleicht .. owa da finga machts bild. wenn die hand nur so rum haengt is ned bsonders, siehst ja staendig.

  2. EgoPimp / Jan 2 2009 15:49

    Your work is inspiring, very well done.


  3. sunni / Jan 4 2009 14:42

    these somehow look a little different to your usual work. like the contrast is stronger, the shadows darker…or something. your photos usually look more “clean” and “light” if that makes any sense (i like both aesthetics though). or it could just be i’m using a different monitor today… that is very likely.

  4. Simon / Jan 4 2009 18:18

    bester eintrag seit lange, glaubich. was die andern jetzt nicht schlecht machen soll :)

    sind alle ziemlich gepusht oder?
    oha, da redet man ja nicht drüber ;)

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