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6. January 2009 / Bernhard

Yadda Yadda

Hello. Apparently, you made it into that something called New Year. I’m very very happy about that. And I really hope you’re doing well. If not, well, it’s not going to change for the next 350 days or so.

So the first photo for this year is a boring photograph. I think this is the best way to start a photoblog.

Aschi! Once again!

That’s Lorant – our sunshine boy.

And this is an artist essence.

I’m a big fan of people with their tongue out as I’m know for slipping my mouth open when being busy. Not sure which looks more retarded.

I think that guy just farted on my drink.

We played Monopoly. I really sucked badly. Incase somebody cares.

Nicely cut off feet.

And back to my roots: old ladies.

Old people everywhere… looking all the same. Fantastic.

While doing some very serious business.

Photo fair… colleagues.

Hello Mr. Bresson! Decisive?

One more time?

Hey, let’s play the dating game!

A new “is that camera actually working” face for my collection. Thanks Lauri.

I’m very fond of the before and after “click” photos. And yes, I’m pretty sure this one goes straight into my “you jerk” collection.

This one is for Miriam in case she still reads this blog. It’s been the best selling book in Austria in 2008. Sick world we live in. Looks like this photo also makes a nice ending for yet another boring entry.

Take it easy,



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  1. Suzan / Jan 6 2009 15:17

    +fav of the bunch!
    Although I like the tongue outsticking thing as well. Could be your next serious business project, I guess. Orrr… old people reading books on public transport with their tongues hanging out? 4 birds, 1 stone.

  2. tomémémé / Jan 7 2009 17:57

    the donkey says hello:


    the donkey says hot chicks:

    “hot chicks”.

  3. spanishjohnny / Jan 13 2009 12:46

    ich wünschte ich hätte deine blog ausdauer. wieder tolle fotos, wie immer. wollt das nur mal wieder gesagt haben

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