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14. January 2009 / Bernhard

Sexy Time!

Hello Excellent. Enjoy Agfa APX100 and Olympus MJU having a sexy time. SRS BSNS.

I like hands. And this is very story telling. Actually, this was taken in front of lovely Zipp right before Matthias decided to open Morgenstern again.

Srs Bsns Face

Happy happy alcohol couple. Very lovely.


She’s a big fan of the Kronenzeitung.

Oh, hello ladies. This is… Idno.. forgot his name.

We had a fantastic conversation about his childhood and stuff. Hey, this is a mini photojournalistic essay I think!

Very decisive. Actually, Aschi was too drunk to put the right key in the lock. Classic.

More food for my torso series.

And then all of a sudden The H000ND arrived. $R$ B$N$

Gently yet firmly grabbing his beer.

Aschi is the very happy owner of Terryworld.

I’m very happy that I’m not an aspiring fashion photographer.

Back to srs bsns.

I’m a fantastic portrait photographer. They say I’m able to catch that piercing face everyone has.

He slipped… yet kept doing his thing.

I guess my portrait gift stroke once again.


Very serious portrait.


In closure: Team Awesome in action.

Just checked temperature and it’s so warm these days that I’m really wondering how those polar bears and penguins are doing. Guess they’re just dying on their melting polar caps. Hey Al Gore:  Go fuck yourself! <3

Thanks for wasting some of your very precious time.




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  1. slim / Jan 14 2009 03:52

    I expected to see more photos of you looking at terry richardson photos. I heard you were bringing sexy back.

  2. aschi / Jan 14 2009 05:00

    jo mei… die 2 schlüssel sind sich halt auch zum verwechseln ähnlich.. HAHA. cooles zeugs von unserer party. den apx hab ich gern gespendet :)

  3. Linus / Jan 14 2009 17:15

    ein paar ganz delizikatöse dabei :O

  4. Seb / Jan 14 2009 18:43

    haha bernhard! great stuff… did i already mention: hoond looks like clooney in syriana!

    wish you a terrylicious time! :D


  5. Suzan / Jan 15 2009 14:45

    I like this frame a lot ’cause I have no clue what’s going on:

  6. Artis / Jan 18 2009 19:08

    seriously wild.

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