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26. January 2009 / Bernhard


Excuse my 14 days break but I’ve been out of town from the 15th to the 25th. More on that… later. Not sure when I can post photos as it might take some time to catch up. Said that quite often, eh?

Following frames are shot on Fuji Neopan1600 exposed at 1600 hence the contrast and grain. However, they print better than they scan.

Very stillesque.

She got some flowers.

And then she forgot about them.

I suppose that shot should be dedicated to Stefan and Florian.

Had a quality conversation with a homeless guy. That’s 1/8, f/2 or so. A bit of that dark.

I think this is a good example of how the web and screens change the way photos work. The first shot is not as interesting as the second one as the headline doesn’t draw enough interest viewed at the regular web size while being printed on 40×30 cm  (or even 24×30 cm) it’d work quite well. Whatever.

Can’t decide which to prefer. Also, I should try to get the lines straight.

Again, the small details don’t get enough “space” when viewed at web size.


Let’s play the green card game.

I’m quite fond of this frame to be honest.

Watching Tinkerbelle.

Very serious business.

Again a bar still life.

Aschi and the keys.

I almost managed to get the lines straight!

Sorry, that’s it. I’m just getting ready watching the first episode of the fifth season of Lost.

Take care,



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  1. Andrew / Jan 27 2009 00:49

    Some nice shots here Bernhard – I’m quite partial to the Neopan look! This one in particular works well:
    All the best,

  2. Stelios / Jan 27 2009 00:54

    I can’t see why the first one wouldn’t work. I like it. And I can’t see no non straight lines. screw that.

    now you’re watching Lost? you’re late

  3. Klaus / Jan 27 2009 01:33

    Bißchen ernster im Ton als sonst…? Finde deine Kommentare zu den Bilder aber gut – was die Details betrifft, wieso kein WP Theme mit Möglichkeit zu großen Bildern? Oder ist das zu plakativ?

    Ach ja:

  4. maria / Jan 27 2009 18:53

    hey. wunderbare fotos. hab mir jetzt auch einen fotoblog angelegt. leider hab ich (noch) keine wunderbare kamera. nur mal ausgeliehen. naja.

  5. lopez / Jan 27 2009 20:34

    schon zurück aus darfur?! :O


    vom wem ist denn die schöne mexikokarte im gang?
    ich hab nicht mal eine karte von meinem eigenen scheiss land. und noch weniger ahnung was da alles drauf ist.
    aber gut.

    “neopanieren” ist super.

  6. Suzan / Jan 27 2009 20:59

    This blog needs more kids with flies around their eyes.

  7. slim / Jan 27 2009 22:44

    LOSt has eaten so much time from my life. I can’t wait for the new episode tomorrow night. Straight lines aren’t so important. It’s a subconscious thing.

  8. Simon / Jan 27 2009 23:44

    hat mir gefallen der eintrag. :)

  9. r4 / Jan 28 2009 02:49

    personal & bar. i like it. only one frame taken outside … it is sooooo cooooold. your arm looks broken in the self. prost.

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