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5. February 2009 / Bernhard

“Dankend in den Arsch”

Some more old photos. Alex and I had the insane pleasure of doing some more practical exercises for our driving licence. On Sunday. Starting at 8 am.

It was a bit cold.

Doing some kind of sliding. No idea how they called it.

We received some completely useless certificate. Very exciting!

And waited.

Man versus steps.

Some severe frontfocus – always funny.

Because I rarely see anything that’s not dead and made of concrete I went for a walk.

… in order to learn that death followed me. How sad. Good thing I bought myself Left4Dead.

I suppose that’s a branch.

OK. I’m hungry. Hunger > Writing

On a side note: Can anyone recommend a hostel in Prague? I actually don’t expect any sensible answers – just felt like adding some more words.

Take care,



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  1. James / Feb 5 2009 20:38 – what is that?

    What is your steam ID?

  2. Slim / Feb 5 2009 21:37

    Spongebob wins.

  3. marius / Feb 5 2009 23:03

    – yeah what is that? looks like a dead featus!

  4. r4 / Feb 6 2009 00:48

    beuschl-lasagne mit knödel… war vor kurzem in einem lokal und hab das auf einer tafel gelesen…

  5. meredith / Feb 6 2009 01:57

    hey, i followed the link to your blog from konstantinos’. i stayed in prague two years ago at hostel bridge. it’s reasonably priced, comfortable, and right next to the charles bridge, so ideally located. the guys who run the place are cool, too. here’s the web site:

    really like this image, by the way:

  6. aschi / Feb 6 2009 01:58

    war da das 50er schon im einsatz oder? das mit der hand in der straßenbahn gefällt mir sehr gut… schöne komposition.

  7. Sonny Thakur / Feb 6 2009 04:55

    That does look like a dead fetus!

  8. Artis / Feb 7 2009 22:34

    you’ve shot some landscape. wow..

  9. honza03 / Feb 9 2009 02:29

    I might help you with that Prague issue… if you don’t mind sleeping in the smallest flat in Prague :) But it’s close to center. So just let me know, I can send you more info.

  10. Tim / Feb 16 2009 03:07

    here is another hostel in prague. i didn’t sleep in there but got to knew the owner, who helped me out with some money a few years ago. i promised to advise his hostel whenever possible:

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