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8. February 2009 / Bernhard


Gin in my veins makes typing not that much easier. More trees on Kodak Tri-X – can it get any better?

Meet my best friends. I’m a world class chef.

I wanted to ask him for a photo but this was my last shot on the roll. Needless to say that my fresh roll was burried in my clothes.

Sometimes, I make some good art.

Goodbye little Jesus.

And here we have a fallen angel.

Can’t decide which one – posting both. Of course.

The last frame and some excellent scratch. Suppose that’s because – according to the newspaper – we ran out of gas 2  weeks ago.


Have an amazing week and stuff.



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  1. dearmurphy / Feb 8 2009 21:26

    I never noticed before how detailed your tags are :)

  2. r4 / Feb 8 2009 21:35

    this stuff is hardly merging with my rising depression(s).
    lets see if i end up with selfportraits in the subway when pretending that my camera is a gun.

  3. Peter Wilson / Feb 10 2009 08:33


    It is simply refreshing to see everyday life on B&W film. Don’t underestimate how unique and valuable your photos are. I love it. I hope I can still see through your eyes for many more years.

    For tone, my favourite is Tri-X — great contrast, but still some detail in the shadows.

    Peter Wilson (Montréal)

  4. Sebastian / Feb 11 2009 00:11

    Ich hoffe Du hast guten Gin erwischt, dann ist der Kater am nächsten Tag einigermassen erträglich!

  5. Artis / Apr 13 2009 19:11

    good old ‘everyday’ stuff – love it!

    cheers, mate!

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