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12. February 2009 / Bernhard

Go, go, Scratchetto!

Sometimes, I feel the urge to add a lot of important talk about my very gripping life and my preferred technique to my very precious blog entries. Or at least I feel pushed to do so from a lot of blogs I follow. Perhaps I’m just trying to be yet another fool but why all this talking? Why all this “ganging” up? The B/W-Film gang, the streetshooter gang, the Flickographer “absolutely insane colors and incredibly nice retarded use of super ultra wideangle lenses… and long shutter speeds… make that water flow” the cute kitties (usually to be found in the Flickographer-group)… and of course “those who made it”, “got published”, “are working for papers”, “get repped”, “do tell stories”. It’s weird. Enough talking. Photos that once again look the same like the ones before and before… and before. Vienna needs to get bombed – increase impact or something.

First few shots are shot on Neopan1600 – developed in XTOL 1+2 which yielded in more shadow detail at the cost of grain. Oh well.

More from that driving camp thingie.

Some more shots from New Year’s Eve.

I was the only sensible guy sticking to beer. No glass needed.

I feel for him. Suppose something got stuck between his teeth.

Some fancy dessert.

Guestbook or something. Weird.

My first shot this year.

I have no clue.

So this is where my Leica journey ended. I burned a few more precious decisive moments on film with my Olympus compact cameras. However, since Foto Leutner is an incredibly reliable professional lab it takes them – so far – 2 weeks to clean my 2 rolls of  film. Clean from what you may ask. Well, see for yourself. And to be honest, there’re much worse frames on those rolls. It’s that decisive mix of scratches, dust and what seems to be cum. I’m quite delighted by this experience. Of course, this has never ever happened before. Of course. Suppose all the other customers are “optically handicapped” or something. Or artists. Just for the comparison’s sake: this was shot with the same camera – so it’s not the camera. To be frank, it’s proof that Vienna is just one hell of an asshatville as Leutner is still the best lab around (judging from colors and contrast… or what’s left of them).

Now: Tmax400 – exposed… I don’t know when.

A window cleaner! Exciting!

Ha, some serious drama on the bus. Lovely. I hope one can feel the tension.

In closure: Chemicals. Tmax400 – the master of creaminess. And sharpness.

Lots of random photos. I know. I’m sorry. Hopefully I can do some insane 5tR33T photography for the B/W-5tR33T gang in Prague next week. Until then…

Take care,




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  1. Linus / Feb 12 2009 18:23

    hm ich hab ja meine 2 filme (apx und ultra) zum weiberlab gebracht in den letzten tagen in wien. aufm apx haben dir mir genau die selbe spermasauce hinterlassen wie auf deinem film. echt quirlig schön – dafü kostets ja nur 5 euro die s/w entwicklung…man gönnt sich ja sonst nix.
    der ultra ist “inordnung” – nur hie und da mal bissl charakter hinzugefügt durch den ein oder andren kratzer – belebt die faden huanfotos, nicht <3

  2. nerdsinparties / Feb 12 2009 19:07

    I may have found an interesting suggestion for hostel if you’re still searching for. Actually its not a hostel but a 3-star hotel, practically in the same price range though. It’s a small place in the center that some people I know just visited this week and said it was nice. If you want more info mail me or something.

  3. Mathew Wong / Feb 16 2009 09:19 <— i envy the leica!

    nice shots on your lady friend there! great post!

  4. Filip / Feb 23 2009 15:25

    If u r goin to Prague I can get u a place to stay. College dorms. no prob… In the worste case 2 Euros a night (if the dormlady insists…). Send me mail for details.

  5. Alex / Feb 24 2009 10:00

    do you know a place from where I can buy Ilford XP2 400 in Vienna?

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