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24. February 2009 / Bernhard

Things I’ve Learned

So hello, welcome back. I’ve had the incredible pleasure of being somewhat sick the last few days. Uhm, I suppose you don’t care too much for that. Right?

So for my lesson that I’ve learned: I’m not a photo journalist (read: photo dramatist). I’m really not. I can’t connect with people whose language I don’t speak – and hell, whoever says he does is a pathetic asshole. Just my humble thought. You steal their pictures. Or they use your camera in order to transfer their aligned message. This is pathetic. Anyway, some quick and dirty ranting before starting with photo from Tunesia. That’s the reason why I just like to browse blogs like 1pt4 and Tobias’ and of course how could I forget this one (dedicated to all my series friends).

Why Tunesia? Because Nikon and Club Magic Life decided they want to try offering something else beside Golf and Waterski as an activity… something like photography workshops. So I stayed there 10 days just realizing that nobody gives a crap about photography when it’s nothing but raining outside. Can’t blame them. However, this gave me some time exploring the 2 cities nearby just to realize that this looks like yet another southern Europe town. Just that they don’t speak Greek or Italian for that matter.

That’s me after 11 hours of excellent sleep in a room that had roughly 30°C. Tunesian people like it warm I’ve heard.

There’re lots of Ze Germans there.

And I’m wondering: Why do they all treat their countries like crap?

Met those two fellas who spoke English. Great success.

Attention: Those are real Tunesian – rare sight there considering the huge amount of Ze Germans and Le Frenchies there.

That’s where that important dude running the country is staying. It’s one of his countless houses around. Serious business.

Never forget: The ocean runs out in Tunesia. It’s where the world ends basically.

Guy with hat. Hammamed, 2009. Important.

That’s the cementary again – if you look closely you can see something.

Might be one of my favorites from the whole trip.


And cats.

And kids. Kids and cats – never wrong.

More cats.

And more kids.

Hello Kitties.

That must be me somewhere.

Arab media loves Israel for what they did in the Gaza Strip. Well played.

God must speak German.

I’m a big fan of original restaurant names like this one.

Apparently, it makes you way cool when you’re raising your bikes front wheel.

See the spots on the door? I hate Kodak 125PX or XTOL. Or both. Not sure.

Going to Hammamed again as there’s nothing to do but watch the rain from the room.

Hello Kittie!

As far as I understood, these are ambulances or something. Found it amuesing to see a statue of liberty on them.


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  1. Klaus / Feb 25 2009 02:41

    Das mit photo dramatist würde ich unterschreiben. Aber ist das wirklich ein Problem? Bzw. was ist dein Anspruch an Fotojournalismus?

  2. Linus / Feb 25 2009 03:00

    wo sind die presswürste im bikini. aja und danke für die ersten links <3

    find die two fellas auch nett.
    sag, hast du gar keine apx mehr?
    hat überhaupt irgendjemand das seminar in anspruch genommen oder bist du die ganze zeit nur herumvagabundiert?

  3. Slim / Feb 25 2009 03:28

    You’d be proud, I just bought all this shit:

  4. Linus / Feb 25 2009 03:28

    ps: things i ve learned à la sagmeister?

  5. ahappycamper / Feb 25 2009 16:23

    Great stuff again mate.

  6. fred / Feb 26 2009 00:36

    seems like nothing but wasted film to me.

  7. Brabanski / Feb 26 2009 10:55

    danke für die blumen großer, schöner mann.

  8. SpanishJohnny / Feb 27 2009 16:57

    tolle bilder von den kids auf der straße und dann noch der blumenmann :)

  9. Suzan / Mar 3 2009 12:10

    Ha, looking through this entry again – lots of stuff I like actually. You shouldn’t start out with bitching so much, sets a wrong tone and sounds like you’re downtalking yourself.

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