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2. March 2009 / Bernhard

Bedman in Nabeul

So my body decided it’s the right time to switch from headache and some strange pain in my right eye to some lovely angina. So I’m more than ever before back to bed and – according to the doctor – this shouldn’t change the next few days. God bless. So basically all I can do is thank Nikon for giving me a laptop to play around with in bed and try to swallow some of that tee. And of course take the penicillin which seems to have no effect at all (except on my stomach that is). I can’t remember being sick that often before. Obviously, my body is getting old.

So after all this completely irrelevant information I’d like to proceed with some more fantastic photographs from good old Tunisia.

Did I mention before how creative Tunisian people are?

So this guy seems doing something.

Contrary to this thing which seems to be out of business for quite some time.

More cat photos. Or: Urban landscape.

So this is what you’re doing in all all-incl club in January. Exciting.

As taking pictures of people playing darts got insanly boring I went for a walk on the beach.

Yep, that’s some serious clowds.

Next day I went to Nabeul (no idea if it’s spelled like that).

Somehow, I found my way to a rather large market that was free of tourists for a change.

I have a few more photos to show, however, I think this set might be the most interesting. So I guess that’s it pretty much from Tunisia and I can’t deny that I’m disappointed. Maybe I should’ve taken French instead of Latin in school. Then again, Latin might be the handiest language of all.

Actually, I thought I could add some semi-philosophical thoughts at the end of this entry as that’d be a nice way of wasting time. Staying in bed all day long is not what will go down as super exciting in my very personal history. Just one thing: I like the size of the Leica and especially the lenses. I carried the camera with lens attached round my neck and the extra lens usually in my jacket’s pocket – do that with an Canon EF 35L or Nikon 50G (latter might actually fit in a larger jacket). So that got me thinking again: Why on earth is there no serious digital rangefinder? The M8 is pathetic. The Panasonic G1 sensor is just too small. So? Canon? Nikon? Yeah, I guess that’s enough. Those lines took a few minutes of my not-so precious time.

Thank you.



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  1. Slim / Mar 2 2009 20:18

    What’s that about your angina?

    Maybe the new 4/3rds digital camera systems will eventually be a good answer for your final question.

  2. Klaus / Mar 2 2009 20:54


    Gute Besserung! Wollte Nikon nicht auch eine digitale Messsucherkamera machen?

  3. Eugenio / Mar 2 2009 22:03

    I’ve just bought an Epson R-D1 rangefinder… It works pretty well and..

  4. Bray / Mar 3 2009 09:52

    First blog I read after wakeup from sleep today!

    Mind Blowing!

  5. Suzan / Mar 3 2009 12:05

    I think you got some pretty nice shots, considering the circumstances.
    This is so precious:
    And reflections, layers, hands: I like!

  6. ivanhoe / Mar 3 2009 13:02

    super eindrücke aus tunesien, gefällt!

  7. James / Mar 3 2009 15:05

    Epson just re-released a digital rangefiner! I don’t know which one of my RSS feeds I read that on so I can’t provide a link.

    Latin rocks, I wish I studied it.

  8. Simon / Mar 3 2009 16:05

    seems as they didn´t improve anything except the display.

    a 2,5″ display, THAT´S EXACTLY what rangefindershooters are looking for …

  9. Thomas / Mar 3 2009 16:59

    die rd1x ist ja echt ein witz. die wollen die restlichen alten dinger aus den lagern kriegen, damit die nicht so viel staub fangen..
    naja, bin mal gespannt, was da noch kommt.

    gute besserung! :-)

  10. jakubjira / Mar 4 2009 23:19

    your shots from tunisia reminded me my terrible memories from this country, it was mess, imagine you eat you breakfast and you see a big rat running ten meters from you:-D

    btw really nice shots from that market, and also really liked the one from beach

    i would be happy even for analog rangefinder since i have only slr:)

  11. morgs / Mar 5 2009 02:24

    dude rss’ing your blog again, cool stuff. im back at uni and its all concept and body of work and thats all fine… but i there is all this bullshit with photos and terminology and club and status.

    I’m sick of it here also.

    in other news, im scanning shots from my summer trip. and i bought an m4-p which makes me nice and hard in the pants. yup.


  12. Sebastian / Mar 5 2009 14:32

    hey bernhard,

    i like your tunesia series. especially this piece:
    The mausers on the pics are also great ;) rangefinder topic? i wonder also about those politics? a digital canonet iii 40/f1.7 would find a lot of buyers or anything else without any crop, just wide angle lens and open aperture. epson with the rd1 is at rangefinders sight totally bullshit. cause who wants crop factors on those cameras? voigtländer would be one of the less factories who could serve this special market, but their ceo is a well known analog enthusiast. would appreciate a comment from you on my belgium series!

    get well soon!


  13. simon / Mar 5 2009 22:45

    hab heute den terminus “serious business” in einer englischpräsentation verwendet und musste dabei an dich denken und grinsen …

  14. god / Mar 12 2009 19:12

    Shots are lame, but I guess you couldn’t connect with the locals on a local but detached and objective manner.

    We are going back to Asia in December, maybe you should come along and have noodles and speak non western language.

  15. Artis / Mar 22 2009 11:33

    seems that January is not the best time to visit Tunisia indeed..
    hope your’e feeling better by now!

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