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15. March 2009 / Bernhard

Hello, I’m Mr. Lazy

I wanted to post following photos 12 days ago (right before going to Tunisia again). But as some might already know I tend to be lazy when it comes to updating my blog – so I didn’t do anything there. Anyways, just came back so here are finally my last frames from my first stay in Tunisia. I must add that since my memory is quite vivid the photographs are poorer than ever before. I know that Suzan says that I’m sort of fishing for compliments but well, I’m not happy at all. That’s it.

Those dots make me endlessly happy.

Apparently, it rained in Nebeul again.

He must’ve been talking for ages on the phone.

Impressions of an empty market. Nice.

Girls and jewlery.

Boys and “finding the right words”.

Alright. So much for now… because now the shower calls. And then some tasty pizza.

Hello, Hello and Goodybe,



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  1. Linus / Mar 16 2009 00:31


    die digitalen ausm club kommen nicht hier her?

  2. Suzan / Mar 16 2009 11:33

    I didn’t say that, dork. Just said there’s no need to downtalk yourself like that.

  3. nerdsinparties / Mar 16 2009 15:04

    you’re just jealous chinaski!

  4. matt / Mar 16 2009 15:44

    Yeah, these suck, but not because they are bad photos. Clearly, they aren’t, but they also don’t seem to mean a damn thing to you. Photographing in foreign lands only works if either 1) your one of those people with no barriers or 2) you have the discipline to only take the kind of pictures you would take at home.

    I can’t abide option one, but am learning to follow option two, emphasis on learning.

  5. Artis / Mar 22 2009 12:29

    this one I like.
    though, it seems you’ve been shooting there for the sake of keeping yourself busy with something and for the matter of fact you got a film loaded.. creative gap? ‘oh well’

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