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28. March 2009 / Bernhard

And so… where the hell is spring?

Having tea – Neopan1600


Back to Tri-X

For Miriam.

Insane portraiture skills.

Again: Very cold.

Snow. Again.

Hmm… some trees.

Since it was – like always – way too cold we had some coffee.

One of the Austrian quality newspaper is doing a test on toilet paper. Any further comments needed?

Again, for Miriam.

Fat cat.

Daddy feeding daughter.

Some random photos from Vienna. Lost is getting more weird than ever before – I’m waiting for aliens to join the survivors. I guess that’s the only way to make things even more “special”.

Enjoy your weekend (I will not),



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  1. ana / Mar 28 2009 07:48

    why wont you enjoy the weekend? get cosy and get warm, it always workes.
    like the randomness of this entry. cold it does indeed look

  2. Suzan / Mar 28 2009 14:25

    It isn’t as warm here either as I’d like it to be, but thank god no snow!
    I really like this one:
    and this one:
    also in combination with the frame before it.
    The tones and bokeh and everything in this one are ace:
    She looks like my mother: Weird.
    Very enjoyable entry. Good luck with the weekend, mine is bound to suck as well this time.

  3. Jose Florentino / Mar 28 2009 17:22

    I dont like the crop of most photographs (the portraits), but i liked the post in genereal

  4. Simon / Mar 30 2009 18:21

    du auch neue nice lady?

    das katzenbild hat ein saugeiles licht.

    außerdem find ich irgendwie interessant, wie du die stirn bei den ubahn- und waldportraits in den fluchtpunkt gesetzt hast. war das absicht?

  5. Artis / Apr 14 2009 22:26

    hm, those portraits are.. different. judging by the last phrase, you’re turning emo. ’bout damn time!

  6. johnny / Apr 22 2009 21:56

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