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1. April 2009 / Bernhard


Hello, there’s one thought on my mind that has been bugging me for quite some time now: Isn’t it time to introduce the term “Webbographers”? I see all those insanly awesome 800 px web-sized photographs. But what keeps bugging me is: How do they look when printed at 30×40 cm? Does that actually matter these days? Why am I saying this? I’ve been working on a photo fair last weekend and the talking about the 5d mkII left me with nothing but a smile: It surely is a nice camera but when I see that horrible noise in the deep shadows I got to ask myself if somebody does actually make prints of those files. Even the sample prints weren’t looking too good (despite being shot by that very important British wedding photographer).

Not too interesting anyway. Just posting some random photos from Vienna – Kodak Tri-X 400 and business as usual.

It says “show room”.

Tram > Mercedes

And they’re all paralized ants.

Für dich, Pascal.

Some quality reading in the morning.

Smoke and light – it’s one of the biggest clichés in photography.

A big happy face.

Maybe I should get myself the 5D MKII so I can shoot more of those “movies”.

I sense a lot of German cheeriness here.

Kids for cheap!

Very fond of this one. “Shut down Austria.” – or something like that.

I think this one goes well with the one above.

That’s a leg. Exciting!

That’s taken inside a train.

That’s in Prague. Lovely scratch, right? Because I’m a parnoid moron I forgot to check the clock when I started rinsing. While the last roll I realized that I might’ve washed them only for 5 minutes – and as I said, I’m paranoid. So I washed them again which – for sure – added some of those lovely scratches. Good ol’ Uncle Bernie time.

That’s about the only sun we actually enjoyed in Prague. Apparently hit her right in the face.

Of course. Must be my favorite from Prague. More to come soonish or so.

I’m off to bed. Getting late here.

Take care,


On a side note: I’m a big fan of that set of photos:


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  1. Slim / Apr 1 2009 02:34

    I’ve made 24×36″ prints off of 5D and 5Dmkii files through our lab (WHCC) – they look incredible. Don’t be a such a snob.

  2. Linus / Apr 1 2009 11:14

    waren die ersten in hochstrass?

    hm, glaubst du wirklich dass zu langes wässern kratzer verursacht – wieso dann in den ersten 5 min nicht?

    anyhoo – österreich abschalten. richtig.

    und vielen dank für den letzten link :O

  3. Arno / Apr 1 2009 11:49

    Haha ich hab mich köstlich über den Link amüsiert. Geht man des nächtens durch jene Stadt in der ich derzeit residiere siehts recht ähnlich aus. Ich muss zugeben es ist nicht ganz so wild aber doch von dieser Sorte. Man muss die anglosachsen einfach gern haben.

  4. jamiestoker / Apr 1 2009 16:44

    Long time no speak – good to see you are being as productive as ever!

    Anywhere up to around ISO 2000 on my 5DM2 produces really nice images. Above that and you are right, you start to get some wierd noise and banding in the shadows, but its nothing a little post production and careful editing of your RAW files can’t take care of.

    And those images are fantastic aren’t they? I’ve seen them a few times and I’m consistently curious as to whether the photographer was ever drunkenly assaulted by the people he’s photographed (big burly drunk men peeing near police cars – not sure they would want to be photographed?)

    Good stuff,

  5. jamiestoker / Apr 1 2009 16:46

    p.s. my latest entry has some shots from the Mk2 taken between 1600 – 3200 and for the most part I think they look okay noise wise – miles better than my old 30D anyhow

  6. matt / Apr 1 2009 20:39

    Five minutes! That’s way over kill. Go read this:

    And who prints 30X40? Anything over 6X9inches is suspiciously compensatory ;-)

  7. maria / Apr 2 2009 17:30

    mich würde interessieren, ob du schon mal ärger von jemandem bekommen hast, den du so direkt fotographiert hast? (jemand fremdes)

  8. Fabu / Apr 4 2009 15:49

    das 50er sieht echt super schön aus. bokeh-wise


    on a sidenote: lern die kamera gerade zu halten o_O Brains?

    Der link ist tatsächlich großartig. Dankeschön, erinnert mich auch an den lieben Schwedenplatz
    Eine Idee was das für Equip ist?

  9. Ilan / Apr 4 2009 19:43

    I think I’m exactly what you call a “Webbographer”.
    Have thousands of photo, and have printed only.. two? three?
    Sad. I know.
    Great post, superb photos. I’ll come visit again :)

  10. Mathew / Apr 6 2009 02:26

    Neat stuff man. Like how you take the portrait of you lady friend there. Plus the subway/train station photos are awesome!

  11. Suzan / Apr 7 2009 22:26

    I like smoke and light cliché’s $:
    And I love the sequence of the couple waiting for the tram.
    And that light, tones… here: NICE!

  12. Harrison / Apr 11 2009 16:28 The images of Cardiff belong to this guy.

    I like your Ikea shots. Look forward to seeing more.

  13. Olivier / Apr 14 2009 22:25


    Not only the images of Cardiff belongs to has previous poster wrote, but it seems that his images have been used more than once.

    You can read the story here, and spread the word:

  14. Artis / Apr 15 2009 07:36

    the couple sequence is my fav. and the last shot – very ‘Bernhardish’.
    and about ‘webbographers’ – chill dude, it does not matter! heh

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