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21. April 2009 / Bernhard

Blackout, almost, again

Because the landlord who’s responsible for our darkroom is a massive piece of ignorance (shit), we’re still not having any electricity. Again. This is incredibly lovely as I have quite a few rolls I’d love to develop. And maybe make some prints. But you know, people are very important and busy and just have simply no time for that kind of business. Honestely, it could be worse as the weather is great (who wants to develop film when the sun is shining anyway?) which is also partly the reason why it took me ages to post this entry (I actually uploaded those photos on the 5th of April!).

Following photos are still from Prague – Kodak Tri-X.

As mentioned in the previous entry, I washed those films twice which most likely is the reason for those scratches. How’s that possible? Well, I guess in the process of putting the wet film back on the spool my friendly fellow dust decided to get in touch with the gelatine. Did I mention that I hate dust?

I hate grainy dust.

Oh, and I hate landlords.

And I really hate scratches.

And while we’re on it: I hate blackouts. Locally.

I hate horizontal scratches.

And I hate vertical scratches. I’m sure that this is somehow possible too.

We were freezing our ass off. February is definitely not the best time to go to Prague.

I think the scratch completes this photograph.

From experience I’d say she’s American.

So it’s possible to take those gripping public transport shots in Prague too.

Best photo face in a long time.

Endless escalator rides.



And then there was snow. Lots of snow.

50 mm.

35 mm. Exciting.

We had that face before.

Of course, this is dedicated to that French dude with that kiss photo everyone knows.

Thank god, I’ve been sick in Prague because everyone knows it’s just twice the fun when you’re staying in a hostel. And thrice the fun when funny Czech farmacies close at 7 pm.

So much for impressions from Prague.

Take care,



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  1. Rich / Apr 21 2009 13:10

    eh, post when you can. I get excited when I have something different to look at. I really like your blog.

    That enlarger I bought isn’t bad for my untrained eye…the guy also gave me this crazy tube with a fan on he end and a heater for drying a bunch of spools at once – no more drip marks or dust, pretty rad.

    I think the portraits you shot in the subway are bad ass. I hope you’re doing well.

  2. Arno / Apr 21 2009 13:11

    Jeez man it’s nice to hear that not only irish landlords suck ass. Mine for example kicked me out one month before I leave this island. In the middle of studying season which kicks ass anyways.

    Oh and I had something important to tell you but I forgot. I will ask my secretary and come back to you.

    Indeed after this very funny paragraph I remembered that I also had one of those nice scratchy roles. Perfectly parallel scratches throughout the whole film. It was a Trix for only 5,25 € bought in fabulous Dublin :) I don’t really consider this my fault because the art was definately machine made and it’s only on this roll. But art made by machines is no art so I’m not a happy panda.

  3. Mathew Wong / Apr 21 2009 14:48

    great set as usual! 15217.jpg is one crazy shot! i really liked how it turned out!

  4. Artis / Apr 21 2009 19:19

    woa, lots of shots of the mysterious lady.. composition wise, I dig how this one turned out, all the diagonal lines etc.
    and being sick on holidays sucks big time.
    hope you get the power back – in your darkroom. heh.

  5. marcus / Apr 22 2009 01:06

    Your quick at changing lenses! Either that or Prague escalators are really slow.

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