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28. April 2009 / Bernhard

Budweiser, not Bud.

Luckily, I stopped counting a while ago – but we still have no elictricity at the darkroom. Then again, weather is still fine so it could be worse. Is this a sign of growing opitimism? I beg you pardon – hell no.

Anna enjoying one of those brief moments where the sun came through and we actually got an idea how spring might taste like.

That’s the cafe where we basically spent most of our Prague time. Expensive but we’re rich – hence we can afford all the fanciness we desire.

I know, I know… again and again the same stuff.

Waiting for Konstantin.

Yep, still waiting and bored.

Inside a cafe that actually sells fine beer.

And has nice light.

Konstantin. Who was kind enough to show us the only decent place in Prague (beerwise).

I guess that is art because I there was quite a lot of that beer in my veins at that moment.

Showing off his greekiness.

Last frame in our favorite cafe.

And the lovely Prague railway station.

Trying to open the bottle.

Hmm… I really don’t know.

It’s hard to believe that looking out of the window could be that frustarting – nothing but snow.

The very first photo in Vienna: A guy with a dead thing on his head.

Healthy meal

Girl doing faces on the tram.

Somehow I came around finishing this roll on our trip to Tunisia.

Waiting at the airport.

Bad weather. OFC.

But hell, old guys always know how to have a good time.

Question: Do you prefer answers on comments via e-mail or those threaded comments (apparently without email notification)?

Of course, I’ll try to post more often… answer on comments… the usual.

Take care,


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  1. Thomas / Apr 28 2009 12:53

    Wie? Wirds immer noch nich warm bei euch? Ich glaub bald kannst du mit verbundenen Augen entwickeln und bei Wetten dass auftreten, wenn das so weiter geht..
    Zu deinen Fotos: Ich glaub ich muss auch nochmal nach Prag.

  2. Artis / Apr 28 2009 13:11

    why do you need electricity in the darkroom? It’s darkroom after all.

    being jerk as usual? nice. I bet that such jumping around from the start could get on the nerves.. but then gets ignored pretty soon as there is nothing much one could do about it..

    regarding the commenting thing – you can use the new feature ‘Comment Reply Via Email’ and add commentators e-mail in CC: – for the time being as long as there is no such setting to do that automatically. should work.

  3. Tanya / Apr 28 2009 13:23

    I can’t seem to get threaded comments working on my wordpress : (

    If the comment asks something that other people might be interested in, I’d reply back to the comment so everyone else can see the answer, but also to the person via email so that they know you have replied without having to check the page again!

  4. ahappycamper / Apr 28 2009 17:30

    Replies via e-mail are nice, if you have time to spare. :)

  5. James / Apr 29 2009 17:45


    This entry shows pics of you going from place to place but not really the places themselves, and about 150 of them are of the same person, and a bit repetitive. :/

    It’s weird how wordpress don’t pass all these features down to people who host their on WP blogs – I installed ‘brian’s threaded comments’ and now I can’t uninstall it because everything breaks. And people still don’t get e-mail notifications when I respond to their comments. I find people who care re-visit to check, though.

  6. Linus / Apr 30 2009 11:51


    echt kuhle sache mit der duka… wielang zieht sich das jetzt schon und überlegts ihr nicht schon wieder auf die tu zu ziehn? ;D

    in sachen antwort. ja email ist fein nur ists halt echt schade dass niemand die antworten sonst sieht. von daher bin ich bei der tanya. hier posten und wenn interessant und email mit “dir wurde geantowrtet, bitch”

  7. spanishjohnny / Apr 30 2009 14:57

    super fotos, wie immer. ich versteh immer noch nicht woher du all die schönen grautöne zauberst.
    deinen blog zu verfolgen ist immer ein bischen so, wie in ein fremdes tagebuch zu schauen. mehr posten und ich find email antworten besser

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