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11. May 2009 / Bernhard

Tunisia, no talking and the usual

More photos from Tunisia:






Going to Sousse by Louage.





























Tunis. And one hell of an asshole taxi driver.

Thanks for looking. And thanks for all your comments. I’ll try replying to them tomorrow – now: Bed.

Take care,



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  1. Arno / May 12 2009 09:46

    Good morning sexy. Got some serious quality stuff for you:

    Somebody reported a picture for pornography, but apparently it isn’t :)

  2. ivanhoe / May 12 2009 13:01

    Bernhard, check doch mal deinen spam ordner nach mails bezüglich der konferenz!
    lg cle

  3. ana / May 18 2009 09:02

    like always your post have a sence of tranquility… <3
    enough said..

  4. arsalan pirzada / May 20 2009 23:04

    excellent stuff. went through quite a lot. intend to go through it all.

    i was in germany last year, in the summer. i saw some secondhand camera shops in koln, and they were quite expenseve. i saw a leica m5 for about 150€. is it cheaper in austria?

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