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5. July 2009 / Bernhard

Hallo Hallo Hallo – Donowinsailfayst MKII

I’ve been taking pictures lately hence that month of break.

Donauinselfest 2009


The Donauinselfest is a large open air festival taking place in Vienna on several stages. The photos were taken as part of a promotion for Nikon. More photos can be found here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



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  1. shady / Jul 6 2009 13:08

    Love the focus in the third photo, what lens did you use for that shot? Details?

    and big ups on the last shot.. awesome!

  2. Suzan / Jul 7 2009 13:12

    Dude, you do concertphotography real well. Totally conveying the energy on stage. Very nice.
    Thought this was a pretty awesome frame as well:

  3. ralf / Jul 9 2009 10:10

    nice .

  4. James / Jul 18 2009 13:23


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