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13. July 2009 / Bernhard


Hello, this is Mr. Waitingsnake speaking. Hope you had a marvelous weekend. I tried to fall asleep – but failed. So I post this blog entry. Excellent!

Met with Johannes. He’s not good looking. The photo lies.

At some point, a long time ago, there was a park.

Hell, that’s quite a boring set of photos. I guess that’s the price one has to pay when showing off their glamorous life.

I try posting more often from now on (one roll of film per entry).



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  1. Linus / Jul 13 2009 20:03

    find ich eine gute idee mit ein film pro post.
    liepe grüße

  2. simon / Jul 14 2009 01:05

    „I try posting more often from now on (one roll of film per entry).“

    hehe, wenn das jeder photoblogger wirklich umgesetzt hätte, von dem ich das bisher gelesen habe, hätte ich jeden tag ca. 300 photoblogeinträge anzuschauen :)

    aber netter fader eintrag. so schön bodenständig mit ein paar echt schönen sachen dabei. der architekturfotograf kommt auch super.

  3. James / Jul 14 2009 19:32

    The new one looks like the old one!

    • Suzan / Jul 14 2009 21:18

      Woah James! Don’t wanna tell you off or anything, but did you really have to say something like that? Sounds quite demeaning to me. Let alone the connotations that come with it. If I were the new girl and would be reading that I wouldn’t like it.

  4. Suzan / Jul 14 2009 21:15

    Very Bernhardesque entry.
    I like this frame a lot:
    More posts with 1 roll of film sounds like a good idea.
    Take care.

  5. Thomas / Jul 15 2009 13:38

    Ist “Aldi” eigentlich schon immer undercover (Deckname “Hofer”) in Österreich unterwegs? ;-)

    Schöner Eintrag und jute Idee mit dem Rollenposting!

    Viele Grüße,

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