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6. October 2009 / Bernhard

End of Journey


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  1. r4 / Oct 6 2009 16:01

    …. .. .
    oh nein !

  2. Rick Yribe / Oct 7 2009 04:42

    Quite a powerful shot. I miss your black and white updates :(

  3. marcus / Oct 7 2009 09:15

    The guy from your last post crashed here? Very sorry to hear that, he looked like a fun guy.

  4. Suzan / Oct 9 2009 09:34

    Dude, I’m so sorry for your loss!
    (We need to catch up soon again anyway, it’s been too long.)

  5. Chris Weeks / Oct 9 2009 19:49

    in my rss i saw the prior post first…

    and then this one.

    i’m so sorry, man. one of my close friends just died as well and … every day i think about him.

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