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9. November 2009 / Bernhard


Some photos from a wedding in May. Colors might look boring since they actually match what I saw with my bare eye.

Take care,



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  1. Sebastian / Nov 9 2009 16:01

    I had a bit of experience with weddings, so knowing the hectic atmosphere of a wedding and how important it is to get the shot straight away, I’m still impressed how time and again you manage to come up with a consistent and beautiful series of photographs that perfectly describes the wedding-day as a whole, contrary to the nowadays so usual potrait-centered “wedding journalism”, which tries to cover up lacking technique and foresight with posed portraits, t/s-lenses and off-colors.


  2. Linus / Nov 9 2009 18:53

    musste beim schlusssatz schmunzel (mm)

  3. Seb / Nov 10 2009 16:12

    I really like those colors. Why we are full of doubts about them? ;) Reminds me on my cat shots from saturday… Great work Bernhard!

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