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24. January 2010 / Bernhard


Mediocrity – that’s the first word that I have on my mind when I think of the Austrian phtography community. I’m not referring to the online but real community – those guys who seem to represent a certain standard. Whatever. – fine example of an Austrian Fine Art Photographer. Whatever – I’ve been just thinking a bit. Won’t happen again. And don’t tell me to do better: I’m not allowed to do.

Thanks Austria.



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  1. Joachim / Jan 24 2010 14:40

    Mediocre? Even before I see his website and the headline international star photogarpher, I know this guy is a joke. It’s not even mediocre, it is lame and a total disrespect to the medium.

  2. simon / Jan 24 2010 21:39

    na hauptsoch fut und titten hoit

  3. Srivatsan / Jan 25 2010 09:05

    It’s the same all over the world isn’t it?
    The most respected kinds in India are the mediocre fashion photographers, in fact, a career in photography is synonymous with that.
    The very concept of fine art photography has been lost through the years.

    Everyone’s a dslr toting, 70-300 shooting professional photographer.

  4. severin / Jan 25 2010 15:27

    ja baumann wird ja immer so als “der” celebrity und fashion fotograf gehandhabt.. am besten sind seine red carpet crops.. die sind echt meisterklasse!

  5. ashrafazlan / Jan 25 2010 21:32

    I wouldn’t say his photographs are bad..its just, yeah..they’re not really exciting. Something really dull about his celebrity portraits.

  6. Artis / Jan 25 2010 22:44

    Du bist ja nur neidig.

  7. alife / Jan 26 2010 10:15

    Aber die heute sagt doch, dass er so toll ist!

    Außerdem kommt angeblich irgendwann jetzt die Cuddy von Dr. House vor seine Linse

  8. donkey / Jan 28 2010 02:28

    in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king

  9. Renaud / Jan 28 2010 20:46

    He got music on his website and his girl is pretty hot. Nice. Is this guy really famous in austria ? Those “Travel” shots are so uninspiring… wow. I’m also pretty amazed how some mediocre photographers can shot so much “celebs” by taking so bad pics of them since years. Amazing.

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