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10. February 2010 / Bernhard

Long One!

This is going to be a rather long entry.

And before I forget: I’m selling my Canon 24-70 – more at the end of this entry.

Wedding, shot in August last year.

Day 1: A bit of booze, a bit of beer and lots of meat – welcome to Austria.

The light was pretty strange back then – sort of semi-filtered by the clouds but still quite warm. I bet all of you loved that bit of information!

Veggie go, veggie go.

Day 2: Let the serious business begin!

And then there was that massive storm…

So for the Canon EF 24-70/2.8: I’m selling it because I’m just not a zoom-guy. The 24-70 is for sure a fine zoom but I’m slowly migrating back to Nikon and it’s by far the least used lens. I bought it back in 2008 and took about 12,000 pictures with it (according to the Lightroom metadata recordings) – which is alright for a professional zoom I guess. If anybody’s interested, just drop me a line blog [at] If not, I’m going to put it on ebay.

Take care,



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  1. Jelle / Feb 11 2010 16:04

    Great photos, you’ve captured the mood perfectly.

  2. shradha / Feb 11 2010 18:16

    what amazing pictures bernhard!

  3. shady / Feb 12 2010 07:37

    i don’t know if there was lots of humor throughout this wedding or if it was you who captured them cute moments.. awesome work man. Groom in shorts is kind of funky, is it a tradition?
    the photos where the ring seemed stuck in bride’s finger are priceless

  4. travis / Feb 17 2010 11:52

    bernhard, i always knew you had a long one waiting for us. and quite professional.

  5. Sheyka / Feb 19 2010 11:44

    Hello Bernhard, your photos are awesome!
    By the way, how could you make all the photos’ colours turn really bright? The green grass has just made me want to eat it haha

  6. Nikkr / Mar 20 2010 20:58

    Very very good quality shots! Really a pleasure to watch work like this :) I particularly like the one where the couple is kissing by the lake, behind them is a wooden building and you see their reflection in the water. Lines, composition and colours are perfect in my opinion! :)

  7. apixx / Mar 21 2010 14:05

    Ich mag die sturmfotos sehr! Aber auch die anderen!

  8. trevorswenson / Mar 24 2010 22:38

    Wow Bernhard .. great pictures! You took 12,000+ pictures with that lens eh’? Wow, that’s impressive. I am sorry the lens didn’t turn out for you but I personally highly recommend this lens. In my opinion this is THE absolute and most superior all-around lens for your Canon DSLR on the market today, bar none. You can read more about my personal review here

  9. steven / May 6 2011 15:17

    haha… funny to here that from a canon guy.

    i m actually a total nikon guy… or was… and i m slowly moving on to canon because of the nice iso and video functions….oh and i m all about zoom lenses.

    we should swap ;-)

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