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12. February 2010 / Bernhard

Ist frei?

I’m just watching the whole Lost absurdness again and have to admit that one of my favorite episode is the one about Sayid in what Americans think is Berlin.  Good  old Germans – always blonde and always very… German. Anyways.

Ze German in ze bed. Gut stuff!

Hey Gorian – you called!

The new excellent Burgtheater ads.

Thanks red filter. Thanks.

And thanks again. Even more than before!

I also decided to let go of the amazing Canon EF 135/2 and the not so amazing Canon EX580II speedlight. Anybody?

Take care,




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  1. Eduard / Feb 12 2010 23:27

    What do you want for the 580II including shipping to Holland / Spain – cheapest one ?


  2. clayton / Feb 13 2010 12:54

    hey dude. still drinking those vodka bulls? haha. it’s been a while! hope you are well! I’ve been keeping up on your photos. good as always. if you get a chance, update the link to my blog, current one is thanks! talk to you later film nerd. ps- im drunk, my apologies.

  3. ashrafazlan / Feb 13 2010 19:56

    nice to see some film shots :D

  4. travis / Feb 17 2010 11:58

    the bernhard wolf blog. i come for the snazzy-pro digital wedding shots, but i stay for the decisive dining moment series’.

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