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14. February 2010 / Bernhard


So what’s up with that title? Well, it’s what I’d describe this man’s porfolio. But don’t worry! He’s also doing workshops that can be found here. Let me give you a few examples:

  • Cambodia: AIDS Orphans – Live in an orphanage and document the lives of one or more children
  • India: Beggars life. Spend one week documenting the life of homeless or “untouchable” man or woman
  • Indonesia: Child Drug Addicts. Photograph the lives and struggles of children addicted to inhalants

Exciting, right? But wait! There’s more – like a special workshop coping with the most intense disaster currently available:

  • Photojournalism Workshops – Haiti Earthquake Intimate Group Workshop (more info here)

I’m more than trilled of having an “intimate group workshop”. What about you?

Thanks to Felix for linking me this marvelous goodness. Anyways, before I forget: Happy Valentines Day – perhaps they’re also doing a Valentine’s Day themed workshop in Haiti?

Have a good one!




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  1. Renaud / Feb 14 2010 18:22

    I remember seeing some US tv documentary about this guy some months ago, guess he found how to turn good account from his relative fame. Remind me of the company in this movie The Game, offering succesful bored guys some recreation in their flat life. Bad bad joke

  2. ashrafazlan / Feb 14 2010 21:07

    Disastrographer indeed :) wtf at some of his workshops, good portfolio though.

  3. severin / Feb 15 2010 21:49

    sehr subtil der herr… wirkt so als wäre er auf einem drogentrip. eigentlich ekelhaft. dieser österreich (zeitung) look ist echt zum kotzen..

    die print preise sind auch dezent..

    die sommerbilder postest du also jetzt ! ;)

  4. Rondell Jenkins / Feb 15 2010 22:48

    These images is real moody. Was you contemplated the world when you took them?

  5. donkey / Feb 17 2010 03:25

    “Although Zoriah has spent a fair amount of his professional career as a war photographer, we do not think bringing students into a war zone is in any way appropriate”


  6. Steve Delahoyde / Feb 21 2010 23:33

    Hey, completely unrelated but it’s Steve from Chicago and Coudal Partners. We’d talked a bit back in 2008 about wedding photography and I gushed about your shooting. I’m going to be in Vienna later this week (in Munich now, then on to Budapest) if you’d want to get a drink. I’m at sdelahoyde at gmail. No big deal if not. Just thought to drop you a line.

  7. Seamus / Feb 23 2010 20:30

    Ha, I can’t believe that, it makes those trips sound like one of the photo package holidays that Lee Frost does.
    I’m Only getting around to the Photos from last September myself ;)

  8. Rondell Jenkins / Mar 4 2010 23:12

    Ugh, Seamus, you always act like you know everything! Stay outta this!

  9. Max / Mar 8 2010 16:39


    schöne SW- Bilder machst du. Gefallen mir gut.
    Wandelst du die eigentlich immer in sw um bzw. mit was fotografierst du?


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