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20. March 2010 / Bernhard

Hard to Explain

And it all started so…

… photographic.

But then there was that bit of beer.

And belly rubbing instax picture development.

Lorant – funny as hell. As always.

Hmm, we just tested the maximum DR of the D700 and flashtones under incandescent light.

They say dolphins remember themself in the mirror – not sure about this fella.

David Bowie!

Okay. That was our little stag party for ze German Sebastian.

Take care,



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  1. Seb / Mar 23 2010 01:03

    Ze german fands saulustig bei Euch! Ein Kompliment an euer Bier. Hatte keinen Tag nen Schädel ;)

  2. donkey / Mar 23 2010 02:54

    gotta love the title.. you’re a poet!


  3. spanishjohnny / Mar 23 2010 17:10

    oh sehr schön, wie du das immer hinbekommst… :)
    sag mal, wassn das für ne geile sofortbildkamera, oder ist das son druckerding? sowas könnt ich auch gebrauchen und das format ist echt ganz cool…

    PS: wem gehört denn die olympus?

  4. b.c. / Mar 28 2010 05:34

    awesome, i just love how you chronicle people, things, events, non events, everything; i really like your blog

  5. shadi / Apr 2 2010 23:09

    the dolphins photo/comment is priceless.
    i love the middle table.

  6. ashrafazlan / Apr 4 2010 12:04

    Bernhard, how’s the 24/1.4? Any good?

  7. lokesh (@lokeshruhela) / Oct 14 2011 13:00


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