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8. April 2010 / Bernhard

Ois Didschidahl

Greeting from lazy ass town.

Ze Germans invaded Vienna again.

Hope you very very much +fav enjoyed that marvelous set of photos.




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  1. shadi / Apr 8 2010 12:47

    4th photo is amazing.. what is that hanging thing supposed to be?
    you’re cynic.. in a marvelous way, which is rare. cheers.

  2. Seb / Apr 8 2010 20:54

    you should add a tag ‘dynamicwanking’ ;) let me guess, ‘ze german invaders’ is already a buzz word in vienna… haha

  3. Linus / Apr 9 2010 13:07

    mein opa hät nie ein baseball kapperl aufgesetzt, daber der war auch irgendwie uncooler schätz ich.

  4. kip keston / Apr 14 2010 02:44

    Beautiful photos. How do you like the new 24/1.4?

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