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27. July 2010 / Bernhard

World Comission

Howdie folks,

I’m once again comissioned to stay at my good ol’ grandmas house eating absurd amounts of glorious food… and yet saving the world. Anyways, took a nice picture of ya fellas. Felt like sharin’.

Hope you’re all doing well with your fabulous comissions – be it still or moving still and y’know that fancy new age stuff. Guess I’m back to my social (media) documentary about that double Espresso I’m about to have. Tough life they say.

Anyways, take it easy people,

Uncle Bernie


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  1. Seb / Jul 27 2010 14:56

    the fattest retardographers on this photo are canon user. have to think about the coherence. cu on twitter my friend!

  2. tweedle-dee / Jul 28 2010 04:51

    Archives: July (4)

    And they were all so useless. Stop being a douche and give us more, more, more!

  3. trabis / Aug 4 2010 11:44

    i got a great retardographer shot from the new york metro that you’ll love, stay tuned. xoxoxoxo

  4. Oleksandr Hnatenko / Aug 24 2010 20:52

    fancy stuf

  5. simon / Sep 12 2010 17:34

    du nimmst jetzt dei leica und mochst wieder mal an gscheiden eintrag!

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