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13. January 2011 / Bernhard

Pump it up Kitty!

Since I received some constructive criticism we’re back to English making sure that everyone knows what’s going on in those brilliant photos. I mean what’s the point of photography anyway?

This is a staircase at the underground station Südtiroler Platz. There’s also an S-Bahn station nearby. Mind, there’s a person on the left and  a yellow “slippery when wet” sign that really makes the photo work, right?

This photo was taken in a tram round 12 pm. There’s a – most likely – used condom on a seat and a free newspaper on the ground. Also, the photo was taken on the 24th – how cynical is that? I mean, how brilliant!

I’m afraid this one is working only when speaking German. But let me help you: There’re some delicious spelling mistakes like “their saying I’m a useless idiot” – instead of “they’re saying I’m a useless idiot”. Great, right?

WHOA WHOA I THINK I’VE MET MILKA COW. How funny is that? I mean, where’s that country where you’re hiding in purple mud? RIGHT? OH MY!

I think this is going to be part of my very much ongoing human conditioning series because the man in the photo looks kind of sad. Although he most likely isn’t. But it adds quite a remarkable storytelling element so I could make a nice story around it but honestely, I’m way too busy with idnowhat.

There’s a lonely lady in a lonely S-Bahn and everything is orange. Strong. I wanted to focus on the color orange. Orange is a rather strong color – and as unique as my style in photography.

In this photograph, I wanted to focus on dogs. I like dogs. Especially when their tounge is out – aren’t they cute? They look like mentally challenged creatures then. Cute. Anyways, mind the strong storytelling composition once again.

There’s a run-over street sign in this photograph taken while I was waiting for my dear friend Simon. You might ask why I was waiting for Simon? Well, to be honest it’d be quite a fabulous story but I’m afraid there’s no time for telling such an unbelievable story. Sorry.

This photography (featuring emission of a large electricity plant close to Vienna) reminded me of a double rainbow. You might ask yourself: Why a double rainbow? Well, first of all: What does it mean? And moreover: Why is it so intense? I really don’t know. LOOK AT THAT RAINBOW!

Still: SO INTENSE. Suppose this is not street but… IDNO STATION?! Whoa, intense jocking going on.

Mh, what does it mean? I’m pretty sure William Tapley found the answer. AGAIN STATION PHOTOGRAPHY!

Whoa, we’ve come a long way. That’s a train on the right, BTW. Just saying for those with their screen turned off.

Well, mind the marvelous timing? I mean, if that’s not decisive, then I really don’t know. Jesus, now if that was just taken with that LEICA CAMERA with that semi-broken shutter and IDNO… or at least black and white (BW = Bernhard Wolf BTW – whoa, how intense! What does it mean?). Oh boy, that’d be something. Ohnoes, how could I forget about my blind friends: It’s just a bunch of random people standing around waiting for some more random people. Ohai!

Bis bald,




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  1. Sebastian / Jan 13 2011 09:22

    Purple mud ^^^^^^;

  2. z / Jan 13 2011 13:29

    ja,(ya),get this nihilistic gibberish back in(in?)english where it belongs. for(für)posterity.

  3. random ralf / Jan 13 2011 13:56

    you’re the winnebago man of photoblogging

  4. tomé / Jan 16 2011 18:47

    interesting lighting techniques. good tonal range.

  5. triplerainbow / Feb 9 2011 10:34

    oh my gooood! oh my goohohohooood!
    what does this mean?

    ok.. mal runterkommen.. genial wie du deine fotos hier repräsentierst, selten soviel gelacht :D

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