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20. January 2011 / Bernhard

Haupt Bahnhof

Man gönnt sich ja sonst nicht`s.

Oh my, this is like that one famous photo of one guy looking through a hole in the wall next to some weird guy with that crazy moustache taken by that important french photographer that lived the streetography dream, they say.

Wintersonne bringt uns einen Tschernobylsonnenuntergang.


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  1. Florian / Jan 20 2011 16:55

    Ah, du machst mich ganz fuchtig, hab noch nicht mal einen Liefertermin ;)

  2. Babet / Jan 29 2011 07:08

    Hey, it’s great to see you’re still sharing your photos online :D Just popped in to say that there is something about your way of taking pictures that has always inspired me.
    Whenever I see these photos taken by you, it reminds me about everything what makes photography great and it makes me want to pick up my own camera again. I haven’t taken any serious pictures for a long time, so maybe soon…


  3. Kira / Mar 28 2011 12:58

    hey Bern,
    your digital Vienna is so different than the one captured on film.less romantic i guess.
    hope you’re well!

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