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23. December 2009 / Bernhard



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  1. shashank / Dec 24 2009 00:11

    wow…that was quite moving

  2. Arno / Dec 24 2009 00:25

    At first I just thought that there were some pictures from people in a church. Even when I recognized that it was a funeral at first that didn’t touch me. But then I finally saw what you were actually doing here. You were photographing the only situation were people usually don’t hide their emotions. Also some people might find it offensive that you did that. But why shouldn’t you, it’s part of everybody’s life.
    Curious to see what other people will say.

    Merry Christmas and so on,
    take care,

  3. shady / Dec 24 2009 12:34

    i take it from a couple of previous posts that he (Alex?) was a friend of yours.. sorry for your loss.

  4. ashrafazlan / Dec 26 2009 00:16

    Incredibly moving photographs. My condolences for your loss.

  5. Lorent / Jan 10 2010 14:56

    apologies for the loss, it’s always unfair and revolting to lose anyone young (even more when it’s a friend or a relative). I do like the photo where the focus in perfectly on alex’s foto, it was as if he was still here at this moment looking and kinda smiling.
    Best wishes for 2010

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