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28. January 2009 / Bernhard

I really have no clue

Just a few photos from last year. I have no clue when or where those were taken. First were taken on Tri-X, then Tmax400 and finally Neopan1600. This is sort of a catching up entry so I’ll restrain from not-so funny comments.

Before I forget: I did an excellent job drying those negatives. Pays off being a cheapskate and use not-so-fresh wetting agent. The result is simply amazing.

Santa Clause is Viennese.

I learned that even emo kids go to Bipa.


100% random.

They couldn’t see where they were.


That’s Tmax400 now.

And then there’s light and a bit of that shadow.

How many guys does it take to put up a film poster?

The British have their clone sheep – we have clone dogs.

Neopan1600 and heading to the Nikon Image Solution.

She was on facebook all the time. Bet she has loads of fantastic friends there.

Very 5tR33T – close, wide, deep.

Thanks for looking. Next entries won’t be any bit more exciting… maybe except for the mju flash stuff.



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  1. Sebastian / Jan 28 2009 19:47

    Das “Wir lassen sie nicht alleine” Bild ist genial :O

  2. Wonda / Jan 29 2009 03:51

    Great shots

  3. Mathew / Jan 29 2009 05:36

    The last image (14334.jpg) in the post is really awesome! Composition and tone blend really well!

  4. Simon / Jan 30 2009 00:22

    schwachsinn. leute die mit einem macbook in einem café sitzen, vergeuden ihre zeit doch nicht auf facebook! die haben alle ganz voll extrem wichtige sachen zu tun!

  5. Maxyme / Jan 30 2009 04:16

    i like this one. keep on the oil.

  6. jo / Feb 4 2009 21:14

    das ‘ich kann gleichzeitig kuchen essen und kaffee löffeln’-bild find ich gut (:

    und die hochseriöse facebook-tante macht mich ein wenig fröhlicher als ich den gesamten restlichen tag war.

  7. Artis / Feb 7 2009 22:40

    just a comment to let you know that there’s lots of grate shot in this one. in case you didn’t!

    this all commenting thing feels so.. stupuid. ‘oh well.’

  8. Robert van Vaals / Apr 17 2009 20:48

    Love your website, great photo work, can’t stop looking and reading!

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